About TRB

The Tay Road Bridge Joint Board's mission is to provide the travelling public with safe, reliable and efficient crossing of the River Tay through the operation, maintenance and improvement of the Tay Road Bridge. 

The Tay Road Bridge has twenty dedicated team members and all work together to keep the bridge well maintained and running freely.  Our bridge inspectors inspect the bridge structure on a continuous basis and are supported by our operatives, who carry out repairs and operate the maintenance and inspection gantries, which operate underneath the bridge and out of sight. This keeps the bridge in a safe and sound condition.

Our operatives also support our control room supervisors to keep the bridge moving 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, by assisting members of the public if they break down on the bridge, and by keeping the carriageway clear of debris and applying restrictions to keep every user of the crossing safe. Our team also look after our Fife car park, by carrying out ground maintenance, including grass cutting, and litter picking.