Restrictions on Tay Road Bridge Due to Wind

Updated date: 24/01/2018 - 13:35

The Tay Road Bridge Joint Board would like to remind drivers to adhere to restrictions in high winds.

Officers in the Tay Road Bridge Control Room have recorded vehicles ignoring the car only restrictions.

Users are reminded of the potentially serious consequences that can occur from ignoring restrictions. .

Drivers may be prosecuted should an incident occur where they have ignored the relevant restrictions.

Variable Message Signs leading up to the bridge are always kept up to date and regular traffic updates can be heard on local and national radio.

Our Twitter feed is also kept up to date and can be followed on @tay_road_bridge

Chair of the Tay Road Bridge Joint Board, Councillor Stewart Hunter said: “These restrictions are for the safety of all road users.

The bridge is an exposed structure and is susceptible to strong gusts of wind down the river Tay. Please be patient and check the conditions before travelling via the Tay Road Bridge website or twitter feed. Alternative routes are available for those who cannot cross. Please do not take the chance and adhere to restriction advice."

Tay Road Bridge Walkway Access Map

Updated date: 27/06/2017 - 14:29

We now have a very handy map to explain the best way to access the bridge walkway from Dundee. You can download and print this map off by clicking on the pdf link. The map also has some interesting facts about the Tay Road Bridge.

The bridge walkway is an excellent vantage point for viewing Dundee and North Fife and is a very enjoyable walk, and links up with the Fife coastal path for the more adventurous. See Visit Scotland website for more details at

Please be aware that the walkway is shared pedestrian and cycle use, and we ask that cyclists give way to pedestrians at all times. It is noisy on the bridge even in nice weather and pedestrians cannot always hear cyclists approaching. Cyclists must be prepared to slow down and stop if necessary. Thank you for your co-operation.


Restriction Advice

Updated date: 01/02/2016 - 13:39

We respectfully request that all drivers follow our restriction advice during periods of high wind.  If you are driving a high sided vehicle then please do not cross when we are open to Cars and Single Decker Buses Only. This advice is for your safety and for the safety of all bridge users.

Permitted to cross:

  • Cars without trailers
  • Cars without loaded roof racks
  • Transit van style – with no modifications or raised roof line and no loaded roof racks
  • Single Decker Buses
  • Ambulances and Patient Transport vehicles – This is dependant upon patient criticality and after liaison between Ambulance Control and the Operations Duty Supervisor at Bridge Control.

Not permitted to cross:

  • High-sided rigid or articulated HGV’s – regardless whether empty or full
  • Articulated or Rigid Tippers – regardless whether empty or full
  • Tankers – regardless whether empty or full
  • Car Transporters - regardless whether empty or full
  • Furniture vans - regardless whether empty or full
  • Luton vans - regardless whether empty or full
  • Curtain sided vehicles - regardless whether empty or full
  • Transit van style with modification or raised roof line
  • Vehicles with trailers or caravans
  • Motorcycles
  • Cyclists
  • 3-wheeled cars
  • Any other vehicle which appears, in the judgement of the Operations Duty Supervisor, to be at risk.

The Walkway is closed to all Pedestrians and Cyclists when the bridge is open to Cars and Single Decker Buses Only.