Phase 2 Works Update 8 March 2024

Submitted by alan.hutchison on Fri, 03/08/2024 - 11:03

Works commenced on Monday this week when we installed a contraflow on the northbound carriageway. Please do keep your speed down when using the bridge because this reduces marker post strikes, which need to be replaced by the traffic management team. The more posts we need to put back, the greater the disruption to traffic flow. We have installed a 30mph speed limit on the bridge for everyone's safety. If you drive an HGV please take extra care because the carriageway is narrower than you might be used to on the trunk road network. We have modified the Bridgehead roundabout and installed a double white line at the Fife end of the bridge to allow more room for larger vehicles to navigate onto or off the bridge, so please be prepared to slow right down and stay in your lane until you see the Roadworks End signs. You can still access Tayport and Newport-on-Tay from the B946 link road because we have modified the "splitter island" to allow us to keep the left turn from the southbound direction. Unfortunately, we cannot allow a right hand turn from the B946 link road but you can still access the bridge northbound via the Forgan roundabout. 

The works have progressed well this week, where existing movement joints are being removed carefully by hand to avoid damaging the concrete deck below. A large Planer Machine will start to remove the original 1966 asphalt surfacing next week, so you'll also start to see a convoy of lorry tippers that will take the spoil off site for recycling. We have also been undertaking level surveys of the southbound carriageway over nights this week to give us a baseline for determining levels for installing the new kerbs. We survey at night because the bridge is much quieter and this reduces the bridge movement that is caused by the traffic "live loading" on the structure.